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Raised from the Ashes

The old shop was completely destroyed by fire on August 23rd, 2014. Not only the building but equipment and our selection of hand tools collected over the past 40 years. After completely rebuilding, we have a nice new shop and are back up and running ready to serve our customers crafting our line of gunstocks and other fine hand-crafted wood products.

360˚ Virtual Tour

Click here or on the image to open a 360 degree interactive panorama of the new GunstocksPlus workshop.


Gunstocks Plus is located just outside of the small town of Oxford, Ohio. If you are in the area, you are more than welcome to stop by, see our shop, and maybe pick out a stock or two. If you call ahead, we’ll be sure to have a fresh pot of coffee brewing when you get here. Our number is 513-524-8908. Or send us e-mail:

6100 Stillwell Beckett Rd, Oxford, OH 45056

Gunstocks Plus

Gunstocks Plus
6100 Stillwell Beckett Rd, Oxford, Oh 45056