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Barrel Channel Carving



Our process uses a custom designed routing machine to ensure a very close tolerance match of your barrel to the carved channel.  A mold is made of your barrel and a matching stylus and carver is used to accurately transfer the shape of the barrel to the gunstock channel. This is done in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy than hand-carving. Please consider our channel carving service to save time and achieve an accurate fit for your barrel.

Custom Channel Carving

For those using a swamp or tapered barrel, we offer precision carving of barrel channels to accept these special shapes. Our unique carving method gives you a very close tolerance fit to your swamp or tapered barrel.

Cost for a precision carved channel:

  • Straight Channel – $85
  • Swamp Channel – $125
  • Round Taper – $130
  • Octagon to Round – $140

Cast-off is also available as an additional option; please call for details.

Note:  I do NOT need your barrel for a STRAIGHT CHANNEL just the size across the flats.
For all other barrel configurations I will need your barrel for a pattern to cut the channel for a quality fit.
When we supply the wood or cut the channel in your wood return shipping and insurance for the barrel will be added to the shipping of the entire order.

Please contact us to order this service or if you have any questions.


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Oxford, Oh 45056

Include your phone number and return address with your order.