This Business and equipment for sale

I have been in business at this location since 1972 constructing custom cabinets, furniture, and architectural millwork. For the last fifteen years I also have owned and operated Gunstocks Plus, a gunstock making company. We specialize making muzzleloading stocks providing pre-carved stocks, high quality blanks of curly maple, cherry, walnut and other species when available.  We are capable of cutting custom barrel channels from the customer’s barrel pattern, straight channels and other odd-shaped barrels, including the ram-rod holes drilled. If requested, we work with the customer’s wood.

I have decided to actively sell the gunstock business and concentrate on fun projects for my wife and family and to hunt and fish more.

It has been a rewarding time dealing with the people of the muzzle-loading community, a great group of talented people, but its time to sell that portion of my business and to teach someone else the process.

See below a list of equipment, related materials, and tools for sale. My domain name is available also if desired

Additionally, as part of the sale, I will devote one week’s time to train the buyer on the equipment and the processes from start to finish.

If interested please contact me at 513-524-8908 or email atott@gunstocksplus.comorat

Virgil Otto


Gunstocks Plus

A Gunstock Business for Sale

Gunstocks Plus equipment and inventory for sale. Gunstocks Plus currently produces muzzleloading rifle gunstocks.  Equipment produces blanks and pre-carved stocks in several styles from patterns:

  • Lancaster
  • Southern Mountain
  • Hawken
  • Manton
  • Ohio Squirrel
  • Brown Bess
  • French Tulle
  • Golden Age
  • Bedford
  • Kentucky Longrifle
  • Kentucky Halfstock
  • Pennsylvania

Some inventory includes stocks and blanks of:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Maple


  • Italian Copy Lathe capable of making many different wood parts besides gunstocks. This is a four-head machine that makes four parts at once.  There are 12 assorted aluminum and wood patterns of gunstocks listed above.
  • Grizzly Double Bag Dust Collection System to use with copy lathe
  • Custom Manufactured Two-head Tracer unit capable of duplicating two custom stocks from customer’s pattern or furniture parts
  • Capable of carving and channel work for full-length stocks of any gun wanted duplicated. Specific to a customer’s need.
  • We have carved base violin necks, war clubs, modern stocks for trap guns.
  • Machine is capable of carving on stocks that are turned on the Italian copy lathe.I modified it for length and to receive the blanks from the Italian copy lathe.
  • Locks mortises could be cut from this machine also.
  • Barrel Channel Machine for cutting custom barrel channels in gunstocks.Machine is capable of copying any custom barrel design including straight barrels or straight tapers and swamp barrels and octagon tapered to round for shotguns or fowlers and double barrels with a ratio of 1:1 accuracy.  Machine capable of other inletting operations from patterns.
  • Ramrod Hole Drilling Fixture capable of full-depth ramrod holes with the correct web dimensions between bottom of the barrel and the hole. Can drill full stocks and half stocks ramrod holes.
  • Planer – Powermatic 225 24” width – 15 HP, 3 phase motor
  • Powermatic 2 HP dust collection system to use with planer
  • 36” Bandsaw – 2 HP, 3 phase motor for sawing out blanks
  • 2 – 10” power handsaws– use for assisting in cutting stock blanks in thick material

Sale includes: equipment, inventory, website, and training on machines and operations.

For questions contact Virgil Otto at:

(513) 524-8908 or

email at