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"In more than 40 years of working with wood, I have never seen curly maple as rich and detailed as this." -- Ott at Gunstocks Plus


About two years ago, I searched over the entire eastern U.S. to find some extraordinary curly maple. I was looking for exceptionally rare curly so I could offer gunstock blanks of a truly superior quality.

After weeks of searching, I finally located a few hundred board-feet of absolutely beautiful maple. It had been air-drying in a covered mill in Pennsylvania for several years. This maple is truly stunning.

I transported the material back to our mill in Ohio. The planks have been slowly kiln-dried and then carefully selected, planed and sawed into the finest curly maple gunstock blanks we have ever offered.

We are offering these rare and extraordinary curly maple gunstock blanks for only $275 each. These are blanks that would easily bring $350 to $400 elsewhere -- if you could even find maple of this quality.

These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only a few remain, and once they are gone it will be several months before we can offer more of this extraordinary curl and quality.

Click on the link below to see the few remaining gunstock blanks in our inventory. Each blank is shown with an inventory number, which you can use to place your order. Call me at 513-524-8908 with the number of the blank you would like.

Click Here to see pictures of these extraordinary gunstock blanks.



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